amglobal spain s.l.

San Elias 29-35 , 5

P.O.Box 30259

08080 Barcelona (Spain)

Fax.  +34  932 0 52 926

" building up export strategies"

amglobal is a business consulting company  specialized in export. We provide reliable and cost saving solutions for your export problems. Our staff members include economist, lawyers and marketing experts.

Having the knowledge and experience  along with a very personalize management unique for every project, enables us to develop exclusive and appropriate solutions that lead your company in to a successful future.

Our management system, unlike other consulting companies, involves us from the very first moment in your everyday management .Integrating ourselves in your company and together with the executive team, we negotiate and execute the project agreed. 

Our clients belong to different sectors and services, but we always design solutions according to their strategies, needs and resources. 

The large experience of our associates in export markets is one of our main values, and enables us to be experts  in such different regions as Southeast Asia South America, C.E.I., USA and European Union. 

To well perform a market is necessary to know its culture, customs and habits of purchase, and above all to have a person of confidence always in place, permanently carrying out and following up orders, clients and its needs. 

Many times projects fail because intermediaries and third parties prove to be not  efficient, whether for attitude or aptitude. 

In amglobal  we supply collaborators in the different markets in which we operate.  Its professionalism and constant presence guarantees the implementation of the project, its success and continuity.

   "Trust is part of Confidence"