amglobal spain s.l.

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P.O.Box 30259

08080 Barcelona (Spain)

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" building up export strategies"

They belong to our team, and therefore its management is guaranteed under our responsibility. 

Our projects are always personalized for each business, and include the following departments:

  • Company position towards foreign trade.

  • Investigation and Identification of Potential markets (search of niches)

  • Markets strategy Analysis.

  • Costs and export selling Price. (Evaluation of  final product price at market destination)

  • Information, preparation and advise in International Fairs and Events to promote the company in chosen  countries.

  • List of Contacts abroad (clients, distributors, etc..)

  • Tariff customs.

  • Advise in adequate packaging.  Labels requirement, etc.

  • Management of Forwarding agents  and terms of payment .

  • Commercial references on Potential Clients and Distributors.

  • International negotiations .

  • Search, control and follow-up of joint- ventures.

  • Executives training seminars.

  • Outsourcing